How did I miss this?

Apparently Edge Wireless is going to be purchased by AT&T Wireless and should close sometime in mid-2008.  As much as I have enjoyed Edge’s great service for the past 6 years,  I’ll be happy to have better functionality and cool features with AT&T!  Plus, I will be able to update my present phone to an iPhone! *does happy dance* Source: AT&T Press release here.

Tightening down…

After many months of dealing with SPAM messages and fraudulent BOT users being created, I have finally tightened things down on ‘Bits.  I’m sorry I’ve had to invoke the CAPTCHA process to prevent said irritants.  If you want to post a message on this site you have two options: 1) Create and account and go through registration once (with CAPTCHA images) and post a comment, or 2) Create a comment and do CAPTCHA verification every time.

I’m glad that WordPress is so extensible.  Hats off to all the WP Developers and extension Developers!  They make managing a blog so easy!

MacWorld San Francisco 2007

After a 2 year absence I attended MacWorld SF this year.  It was amazing how many different vendors peddled anything under the sun for the iPod.  The Apple iPhone (or whatever it will be called after the Cisco lawsuit) was absolutely incredible.  If this widescreen design makes it onto the iPod video I will be sold!  This year I went with my boss and a colleague and we had a blast.  We also had a lot of good food while we were down there.  There’s just something about the city that I love, yet at the same time I am always glad to be back to Humboldt County.

The Computer Gods

Yes folks, there are such things as the computer gods.  If you do something to piss them off, they let you know in the not so subtle way.  As us techies well know, there is no such thing as pixie dust.  These problems don’t go away on their own.  For example, something that should take 10 minutes ends up taking a lot longer.

Well, I must have done something to really piss of the computer gods this week.  A simple sysprep (which I have done many of times) is taking a lot longer than expected.  I believe I have a ATA -> SATA issue going on.  I’ve experienced this before with my computer upgrade from hell last month at home.  I’ve tried those tricks I learned last month and that did not make any difference.

I guess I better find out what I need to sacrafice to please the computer gods.  Any ideas?

I’m in amazement.

Since I restarted this blog a few months back, I have been constantly amazed with how solid WordPress is.  I have used many different types of blogging software in the past such as Greymatter, Movable Type, b2Evolution, Livejournal, and of course the dreaded MySpace.  None of these hold a candle in the wind to WordPress.  I just finished the most simple upgrade process on this blog.  Took a total of 2 minutes, and I’m running the latest code. Bravo, WordPress developers! You created the best blogging software out there.

Geekin’ Out Part 2

This 3 day weekend has been good for geekin’ out.  I’ve accomplished a lot this weekend on the technical front.  My old Athlon 750 is now an OpenSUSE Box.  It took some getting used to, but I really think that OpenSUSE will work better than the Fedora Cores that I have used in the past.  I’ve hit a bit of a snag with some software I want to run on it, so hopefully my buddy who is big on Linux will help me out.  More to come on this box later, once I get some of the projects up and running!

The second thing that I’ve started developing this weekend is this web site again.  It’s been over 2 years since I took it offline for a rebuild.  I am not sure if I am completely satisified with the way it works right now, but it’s a big improvement over the old site.  I’ve definitely seen the light when it comes to CSS.  Once you design something you like, you can really develop it across mulitple pages easily.  I even took the time to create a custom 404 page.  It’s a start, so hopefully as I learn more about CSS things will get easier for me.

Geekin’ Out!

So it is 1:12 in the morning and what am I doing?  Installing OpenSUSE 10.1 on my old Athlon 750 box that has been collecting dust.  I always have big plans for my old computers when I upgrade to a new one, but never follow through.  It’s only been a year in the making, but it is finally happening.  I have some plans and projects for that box once I get the linux system configured to my liking.

Time to learn me some PHP and MySQL for starters!  I have a few other plans on the horizon also and will probably mention them in the future.  It’s been a long time since I’ve stayed up this late to geek out.  Something like a couple of years.  Eeek!