What’s up Y’all?

It’s been some time since this blog/journal has been updated. There has been way too much stuff that has been keeping me busy. Earlier this month I went to Las Vegas to attend the NASCAR races. It was a very interesting experience this time since the track has been re-done. For more on my trip to Vegas, check out my blog at the Rowdy Racing Social Network. If you are a NASCAR fan, Rowdy is the place to be.

Work has been busy as usual – I have been working on patch updates with our existing clients. I am also working with Windows Vista and Office 2007. Both are such different beasts that Vista won’t be ready for prime time for a little while. Too much software is not working correctly or at all. Oh well, at least I have some really good build notes that will make things easier when it is time to go Vista.

As for working out, I haven’t been to Healthsport at all this month. Things have been just way too busy since coming back from Vegas. My goal is to resume going to the gym tomorrow. I’m feeling it. One thing I have noticed is when I work out, I feel better mentally and physically.

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