Gone but not forgotten…

What else is better to do at 5 a.m. then to clean out my Season Pass Manger on my TiVO box.  It’s amazing how many shows have been cancelled that I have enjoyed throughout the years but have never removed from my Season Pass Manager:

Journeyman, NBC – Cancelled Fall 2007

Scrubs, NBC – Moved to ABC and will have to make change to Season Pass

Arrested Development, Fox – Cancelled Spring 2006

NASCAR Drivers 360, FX & FSN – Cancelled 2005

The O.C., Fox – Cancelled Spring 2007

That 70’s Show, Fox – Series Finished Spring 2006

Queer Eye, Bravo – Series Finished Spring 2008

Blue Collar TV, The WB & Comedy Central, Cancelled ????

Blow Out, Bravo – Cancelled ??? Last Episode 2006?

Out of Practice, CBS – Cancelled Spring 2006

Reunion, Fox – Cancelled Fall 2005… I’m still mad that they didn’t at least finish the series and show the viewers who was involved.

E-Ring, NBC – Cancelled Spring 2006

Adam Carolla Project, TLC – Ended Fall 2005

Roush Racing: Driver X, Discovery – Ended Fall 2005

Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy, Fox – Ended 2007

NASCAR Driven To Win, Biography – Ended Spring 2006

Jericho, CBS – Cancelled Spring 2008.  What is up with these networks?  Don’t you see you had a GEM, CBS? Grrrr.

I Pity The Fool, TVLand – Cancelled/Ended, 2006… Come on, if Mr. T can’t motivate you, no one can!

Standoff, Fox – Cancelled 2007

The Class, CBS – Cancelled Spring 2007.  This was cancelled in favor of Big Bang Theory?!! Come on, CBS.

The War at Home, Fox – Cancelled Spring 2007.

It Takes a Thief, Discovery – Ended Spring 2007.

NASCAR Drivers Non-Stop, ESPN – Don’t know what happened to the series.  Easily a Rip-Off of NASCAR Drivers 360.

Hopefully now my TiVo will be happier and will be a little more zippy…

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