Long time… No Post?

Life is proven to be busy lately.  It has been a non-stop ride for a while.  Work is going well and things are going smoothly with the software installs/updates.  My social schedule has been filled to the brim, and I’m going to get educated in the near future on various topics for work.   Ummm yeah… Almost forgot I had ressurected this blog.

For 10 days I had the pleasure of having an old college friend of mine and her daughter at my place for a visit.  I haven’t seen her in 10 years so it was nice to get more caught up and show her 9 year old daughter all around Humboldt County.  Did I get tired?  Yup.  I haven’t climbed so many hills, rocks, stairs, etc. in a long time.  Am I out of shape?  Yup.  Am I going to have time to do anything about it this summer?  Questionable.

For a summer that initally looked to be light, has turned out to be one of the busiest summers on record.  I thought summers were for vacations?  Guess not.  I definitely need to do something this fall or I’ll go bonkers.  I’ve spent way too much time behind the Redwood Curtain this year.

Things are getting accomplished!

It seems like this summer session is going by fast – heck, this year seems to be going by faster than I was expecting.  A long time ago my father once said that as you get older time flies by quicker.  He is so right on that one!

Even though this summer is flying by, I’m looking forward to doing some camping.  It’s been a while since I’ve been camping.  I’m hoping most everything is done my mid-July so I can seriously take some time off and go exploring.  Lord knows by that point I’ll need a break from the computers.

This morning I jogged 2 miles while watching the FIFA World Cup match between the Switzerland vs. Togo.  These soccer football matches seem a hell of a lot more interesting than the NBA Finals.  What’s up with Dallas?  They were up 2 games when they left for Miami, now they are losing the series 3-2. ARGH!

‘Tis the season…

…for allergies!  This has been my worst year yet since coming to Humboldt County in 1992.  There’s definitely something in the air that I am now allergic to.  It seems like everytime I go into Eureka, it gets set off more.  On Saturday, I went to an outdoor wedding in Eureka and that was enough to finish me off.  I’m taking my allergie meds twice a day and that doesn’t seem to be helping.  I’ve been really run down since Sunday – I don’t know how I’m making it through the week to be honest.  The sinus headaches/infection has made it hard to function.  Also, when I start feeling this bad it bring on memories and feeling bad about things.  Luckily I have my trusty cats Angel and Cocoa to keep me from going into a funk.

I have some new projects that I am working that include my beloved cats.  You shall see soon enough.  Me and my crazy ideas!  The elgato project is on course and hopefully I’ll post some information soon on that.

As for now, I’m outta here.  I’m going to go see if I can catch a glimpse of the governator.  He’s flying into the airport this morning.  Later!

The new hobby I’m considering taking…

Last night I saw an ad on TV for a local sporting goods shop and they featured an awesome Kayaks by Hobie. It is a peddle-based system and has a rudder. There are some optional accessories like a sailboat mast kit and such. So I went online to Hobie and fell in love with this model:


It’s called the Hobie Mirage Adventure. I guess I need to start saving my money since it isn’t cheap. Also I’m going to have to get racks mounts and a rack installed on my truck top. This thing looks like so much fun… and it’s exercise too!

Life is good.

These last couple of weeks have been busy, but very productive.  Work has been going well – we are so ready for Summer session to begin on Tuesday.  I’m so glad it’s a 3 day weekend.  There’s a lot of NASCAR to watch and there is yard work to be done.  Oh and maybe a good house cleaning is in order.  My kitties do a great job at making messes!  Cocoa is now having issues with hairballs.  Poor girl – it was only a matter of time since she is a long-haired siamese.

I got some of those catnip bubbles today at Petco and Cocoa just loves them.  It was pretty funny watching them pop when Cocoa would attack them.  I guess I should go ahead and invest in that bubble machine I saw at Petco since the bubbles are a hit with Cocoa.  I forgot how much of an art form it is to blowing successful bubbles.  I felt like a kid again.  Heh.

General Update – May 15, 2006

My poor blog has been ignored for the past week :( So here are some quick updates:

Life in general: Going very well. Can’t complain at all. Had a great weekend! More to come on this subject at a later date.

Rick Adelman firing: I was shocked watching the news conferences. The Kings General Manager looked like someone had kicked him in the stomach. It must have been tough having to fire his longtime friend. Adelman’s conference was even worse. All he got before the firing was a 5 minute phone call from a Maloof brother? Please. A coach that lead the team to 8 playoff berths deserved better.

Maloof Brothers: I’m really disappointed in them. So disappointed I’m about ready to give up on the Kings. Their hands-on approach is turning out to be a nightmare. They should a long look at how great the San Francisco 49ers are doing with their hands-on owners. My hope in the future of the team greatly went down when they fired Coach Adelman.

Replacement Rumors: I sure hope that the rumors are not true about Don Nelson. If Nellie becomes the coach of the Kings, I’m done. Aboslutely done. I’m hoping that the Kings will pick someone like Stan Van Gundy, Terry Porter, Byron Scott, or Elston Turner. There are also rumors floating around that Coach Larry Brown will be bought out of his contract with the Knicks. I’m sorry, not interested in him either.

Saturday’s Race: I am so thankful that Greg Biffle finally broke his streak of bad luck and won the race. I just wish his teammate Carl could get a win. Maybe he will this Saturday at the All-Star Race.

A new blog, a new year and new start

It is my biggest hope that 2006 will be marked on a more positive note of what is yet to come this year. The first three and a half months were blurred together with stress at work and an ending of a relationship with someone who I thought would be my forever. When I said farewell to 2005, I didn’t expect this year to turn out the way it has. As I try to salvage what appeared to be a downer of a year I’m going to highlight some of the positives happening for me:

  • I’m down 20 lbs. from the start of the year. If the weather and my knees would cooperate with me, I believe I can take some more pounds off. If that isn’t a confidence booster, I don’t know what is.
  • Even though I stressed out about things going on in my life I kept focus. At work, we pulled off a tremendous amount of projects in a short timespan.
  • My blood pressure has been extremely low through everything. January’s reading was 124/75 and last week’s reading was 128/78. I haven’t had this low of blood pressure in some time, especially the bottom number.
  • Friends and family. What can I say? You all have been awesome! Thanks for the long late night talks and the listening ears. I’m always here for you all.
  • I’m taking the initiative to move forward, get out and get involved in the community. I live in an awesome area and should give back to the community that I love and call my home. My plan is to volunteer and get involved with the County Animal Shelter.
  • To move forward and do something with this site! Adorador.net recently celebrated 6 years online the Internet. This site has been in mothballs since March 2004. I’ve scrapped everything but the barebones and will be adding new content as the weeks progress.

In closing of this first post, I have to say that these ups and downs in life make way for a stronger person. Live the highs and survive the lows. In the end, life is what you put into it, and I want to live life to the fullest.