Will Tony be fined for comments on Goodyear?

One of the things I really like about Tony Stewart is that he’s willing to speak his mind and does not worry about the consequences. His brutal truth on issues is refreshing. Today’s latest issue (or victim?) is Goodyear. Should Tony be punished for speaking out against the official tire of NASCAR?

“That was the most pathetic racing tire I’ve ever been on in my professional career. Goodyear can’t build a tire that is worth a crap.”

Gotta love Tony for this latest controversy!

Bag O’ Bits now 1!

Wow, I didn’t even realize it but the 3rd creation of my blog has been up for a year now. It’s amazing how time passes quickly. I haven’t really posted much lately as I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Rowdy Racing Social Network. If you don’t know Rowdy and you are NASCAR fan, Rowdy is the place to be for all your NASCAR news, rumors, and plain interactive fun. The hosts are very accessible via e-mail and their podcasts are entertaining.

As for NASCAR, how about those Chevys? Being a Ford racing fan I have to say I’m impressed with what Chevy is bringing to the track week after week. I never thought I would be rooting for a Chevy Driver, but I am. Who could resist Tony “Smoke” Stewart? Besides, their commercials have been entertaining this year:



What’s up Y’all?

It’s been some time since this blog/journal has been updated. There has been way too much stuff that has been keeping me busy. Earlier this month I went to Las Vegas to attend the NASCAR races. It was a very interesting experience this time since the track has been re-done. For more on my trip to Vegas, check out my blog at the Rowdy Racing Social Network. If you are a NASCAR fan, Rowdy is the place to be.

Work has been busy as usual – I have been working on patch updates with our existing clients. I am also working with Windows Vista and Office 2007. Both are such different beasts that Vista won’t be ready for prime time for a little while. Too much software is not working correctly or at all. Oh well, at least I have some really good build notes that will make things easier when it is time to go Vista.

As for working out, I haven’t been to Healthsport at all this month. Things have been just way too busy since coming back from Vegas. My goal is to resume going to the gym tomorrow. I’m feeling it. One thing I have noticed is when I work out, I feel better mentally and physically.

Gonna Miss Ya, BP!

Definitely sad news last week when it was announced that ol’ “BP”, Benny Parsons, passed away. It has been a sad month in the NASCAR world. BP was a one of a kind stock car driver as well as a broadcast personality. He made the races more enjoyable and was very personable – someone you would like to invite into your home. I always looked forward to when NBC/TNT did the NASCAR races so that I could hear BP give his vast knowledge and insight to NASCAR. No one can ever top BP when it comes to announcing a NASCAR race.

Benny Parsons

Best and Worst NASCAR Commercials of the 2006 Season

Best Commercials of 2006:

10) Ken Schrader / Little Debbie – “Little Debbie 500

I was so thankful when Little Debbie got rid of their “My Girl” campaign. Who would have thought that Ken Schrader would be in a mini mart?

9) Various Drivers / Coca-Cola – “Coca-Cola Racing Family

Cool commercial. Look for Carl Edwards on the cliff and look for Elliott Sadler on the iceberg. I’m so bummed Elliott is no longer a Ford driver.

8) Tony Stewart / Home Depot – “Zippy Tour

“That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard you say!” Classic.

7) Dale Jarett, Elliott Sadler / UPS – “Burnout

This is all that is left of the old Robert Yates Racing. Memories.

6) Michael Waltrip / Napa Auto – “Blue Dodge

Hey Mikey – This was the only funny commercial you did this year. You are losing it, bud.

5) The Earnhardts / Budweiser – “Father’s Day

Great tribute to the Earnhardt family. This touching commercial was released during Father Day weekend.

4) Kasey Kahne/Allstate – “Girls Day Out

Is Kasey Kahne really that hot to ram your car into something? All us guys have to look at in racing is slim pickings: Danica Patrick, Kelly “girl” Sutton, Sarah Fisher, and Erin Crocker.

3) Denny Hamlin / FedEx – “Hobbies

This is hands down the best of the FedEx commercials staring Denny Hamlin this year. He is a great stock car racer who has many great years ahead. He is a great “Rookie of the Year” placing 3rd in the chase this year.

2) Darrell Waltrip / Toyota – “Stunts

Ol’ D.W. is at it again! I love his crazy Toyota commercials.

1) Carl Edwards, Mark Martin – “Crazy Old Man

Hands down the best NASCAR commercial of the year! I love the fact that both Carl and Mark star in this one together.

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Another NASCAR Season Done…

Well Jimmie Johnson won the Nextel Cup Championship. Damn. I was really hoping it would have been someone else in the top 5 (Harvick, Hamlin, or Earnhardt, Jr.) Congrats, JJ and the Hendrick Motorsports team.

Only 91 days until the Daytona 500. I can’t wait! The NASCAR channel begins in January on SIRIUS and Tony Stewert will have his own show! Whee!

But for now I will concentrate on the Sacramento Kings.

It’s November already?

This has to be the fastest year in my life yet. I’m finding it hard to believe that it is November already. 2006 has been the most challenging and emotionally-driven year ever for me. At least the year will be over soon and it will all be a fresh slate.

Novemeber also marks the end of the NASCAR season. It has been one of those weird twist and turn silly seasons. So many drivers are changing car makes and teams. Next season will be so weird with well-known drivers in different rides. Ford Racing has lost some great drivers for next year. Mark Martin to a Chevy? Dale Jarrett to a Toyota? Elliott Sadler to a Dodge? One word: OUCH! So what drivers have Ford Racing teams gained? Two rookies (David Gillaland, David Ragan) and Robby Gordon. Ford can just scratch off winning a Manufacturer’s championship for next year as well.

NBA season began this week, but I’m not as excited as I normally am. The Kings organization has changed even more since last season. Key players such as Bonzi Wells were lost, and Coach Adelman was fired. I saw part of the Kings game on Wednesday night, and yes, the Kings are playing better defense under Coach Musselman. My current concern with this existing roster is whether or not this team will be in the playoffs this year.

Well, I guess I’ve rambled on long enough for now. Next week I’m taking some well deserved vacation away from work.

Smoke wins; Carl takes 6th; Gordon DNF!

It’s been a pretty interesting chase for the championship so far.  Today’s race continued to be entertaining.  Any race day is a great day when one of my favorite drivers wins the race.  It’s amazing that Tony won after running out of fuel in Turn 3.  I guess an eighteen second lead does wonders when coasting to the finish line.  What made the day complete was when Jeff Gordon’s fuel pump went out with only 29 laps remaining.  I just love it when the king of whining is knocked out of a race – especially a “chase” race.

Mark Martin also ran a great race today and moved up from six to third in the standings.  So after three races, here are the drivers I would like to see win the championship:

1) Mark Martin – he’s come so close so many times at winning a championship that I would like to see him win in his last full season in the Nextel Cup.

2) Kevin “Happy” Harvick – I’d love to see the driver that replaced the late Dale Earnhardt bring Richard Childress Racing back to its glory days.

3) Jeff Burton – One of the last remaining gentlemen in the NASCAR garage.  Wasn’t that a great race last weekend?  It’s hard to believe that he went so long without a win.   I’d like him to win the championship for the same reason as Harvick – it would be great to see RCR win a championship.

I can’t say I’m excited about the other chasers – especially Gordon, Johnson, and Busch.  I just don’t think I can ever support a Hendrick driver.  Next week the race will be at Talladega which is always exciting.

Mark Martin’s Showcar

While in Eureka on Saturday I noticed that there was a Mark Martin trailer in the parking lot. After finishing what I needed to do in Eureka, I stopped by Harper’s and was able to check out the Mark Martin show car close up! This is the closest I’ve been to a NASCAR Stock Car. Here’s living proof:

Mark Martin's Showcar

It was very cool to hear that thing fire up!  It is so loud when they rev the engine up.  AAA also had a racing simulator with all the vibrations and force feedback.  Thank you AAA and Harper’s for the opportunity to see the show car!